9 months ago

Business Operations – Tech Stack Details

We use Avalara to automate and manage all of our sales tax compliance obligations. Bizible is our marketing attribution software that allows for connecting marketing and sales touch points over a prospects or customers lifecycle directly to revenue.

10 months ago

Perfecting Roast Chicken, the French Way

It is often said that the best test of both the professional and the home cook is a roasted chicken, that, if nothing else, a good cook should always be able to serve up a beautiful bird—crispy, appetizingly fragrant, the skin deeply golden, with meat so moist that you’re tempted to tear it off

10 months ago


There are around 300 operations in CyberChef allowing you to carry out simple and complex tasks easily. Here are some examples: Yes! Just drag your file over the input box and drop it.

10 months ago


The live editor of CodePen is not stable for me most of the time due to the network (in China…), so I always write demos on my local machine first, then open CodePen afterwards and copy/paste into the editor. The rest is to click the SAVE button.